The committee is composed of university students and is responsible for the day to day running of the society. Please contact them if you have any questions. At the end of Lent term there is an opportunity to stand for next year’s committee. If you are interested please contact a member of the committee.

To contact individual commitee members via email, add “” after the combination of letters and numbers given. If you encounter problems contacting the committee members, please contact the webmaster directly.

2020-2021 Committee

Chair: Lehan Li (ll627)

Secretary: Jessica Lok (jhyl3)

Junior Treasurer and Membership Officer: Shikang Ni (sn604)

I’m a 2nd year Physicist at Wolfson College. I enjoy spotting constellations in the sky and my favourite one is Orion. I also enjoy reading about the stories of the stars in the sky. Other than astronomy, I love hiking and table tennis.

Publicity Officer: ChonTong Cheong (ctc45)

Events Officer: Xavior Xuchen Wang (xw362)

Stash Officer: Stephen Sun (js2597)

Observation Secretaries:

To contact the Observation Secretaries, please write to: cuasobserv (at)

Ralph Battle (rb920)

I’m a 4th year earth scientist who joined CUAS in 1st year. I became ObsSec in 2020 because I want to help people enjoy amateur astronomy, and this is my 3rd year in the role. I mainly like to observe the moon and planets. Other than studying and astronomy I can be found cycling, hiking and sailing.

Joseph Thornton (jdt50)

Aniruddha Aramanekoppa (aga33)

Haozhe Zhu (hz403, also webmaster)

I’m a 2nd-year Engineer from Downing, living right across the lecture theatre where the weekly talks take place. I’m mainly interested in amateur astrophotography and understanding how astronomical equipment works. I’ve even built a small equitorial mount for nightscape photography and a Newtonian reflector. Apart from Astronomy, classical guitar and tennis are also among my top three things to enjoy in my spare time.

Senior Commitee

CUAS also has a senior committee consisting of President Paul Hewitt and Senior Treasurer Jonathan Shanklin. They oversee the actions of the society.