Neptune is the official CUAS newsletter, which we publish at irregular intervals. It contains information about the society, observing reports and most importantly contribution from our members (ranging from astronomy experiences to poetry or things completely unrelated to astronomy). Current and past online issues can be found here. There is a long series of back issues at the Institute of Astronomy Library (see also the History section). If you want to contribute something to Neptune please contact a member of the committee – we would love to have your articles/photographs.

Why Neptune?

Neptune has a special place in the history of the Northumberland telescope. In 1846, the director of the observatory, James Challis, set out to look for the 8th planet predicted by Adams and LeVerrier – he recorded the planet in his observations but failed to recognise it as such before the German astronomer Galle announced his discovery. Now our magazine bears the planet’s name.

Neptune 2019-20